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About Emphasis

Emphasis English Academy was founded in 2004 to give people in Malaysia the opportunity to master the English language. Since then, our team of dedicated teachers has been working hard, helping over 1,000 people to improve their English skills and giving them the confidence to express themselves in English.

Our focus is on developing our students into confident, communicative English speakers and we achieve this through The Emphasis Method. The Emphasis Method makes use of the latest scientific research on language development as well as tried and trusted language teaching methodology to make the process of language learning efficient, enjoyable and effective.

One of the key distinctions of The Emphasis Method is that students are taught by level, rather than by age. All students are given a free assessment before they join us and are then admitted to courses which enhance their English skills. This allows students of all levels and ages to achieve fluency regardless of their background or previous education.

We develop the students' English skills in a balanced, multi-skilled approach. Students at all levels partake actively in the learning process and make use of their multiple intelligences to learn different aspects of the language.

All of the overt teaching and formal instruction is conducted at the beginning of the lesson, when the students' concentration is strongest. As the lessons develop, they become more interactive; greater and greater student participation is encouraged.

Our lessons always end with an activity based on the targets of the lesson. This is always the students' favourite part of the lesson. The activities are usually team-based and the students have to interact with each other to complete the activity. It really motivates the students to use what they have learned.

The Emphasis Method's focus on balanced development means that students develop the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at the same time. This approach gives depth to the learning process and allows the students to develop skills which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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